• $12.99

    Double Pepperoni A Classic!

    Pepperoni, pepperoni, and more pepperoni with our delicious house cheese blend.

  • $12.99

    Three Cheese

    Pesto, mozzarella, Monterey Jack, parmesan, and fresh lemon.

  • $13.99


    Spinach, roasted peppers and onions, chopped tomato, feta, basil and a fresh balsamic drizzle.

  • $14.99

    Sicilian Order

    Chorizo sausage, spicy capicola ham, pepperoni, banana peppers, fresh tomato, house cheese blend with fresh basil.

  • $14.99

    Forest Order Must Try!

    Creamy cheese sauce, baby spinach, roasted mushrooms, garlic confit topped with a truffle arugula salad.

  • $14.99

    Pig Roast Order

    Spicy capicola, pulled pork, double smoked bacon, sweet pineapple with our famous house cheese blend.