• $11.95/$16.95

    Quesadilla Order

    • Cheese - $11.95
    • Taco Beef - $16.95
    • Grilled Chicken - $16.95

    Three tortillas, loaded with green peppers, onions, tomato, and cheese. Served with a side of salsa, sour cream and your choice of side.

  • $10.95

    Grilled Triple Cheese Order

    Cheddar, mozzarella, swiss cheese, and bacon jam on a choice of bread coated with parmesan cheese and grilled to perfection. Served with chili ketchup dip and choice of side.

  • $13.95

    Buffalo Chicken Wrap Order

    Chicken strips tossed in hot sauce. Wrapped in a tortilla with ranch sauce, lettuce, and tomato. Choice of side.

  • $13.95

    Mushroom Beef Dip Order Crowd Favourite!

    Seasoned roast beef stacked high with sauteed mushroom and onions, topped with mozzarella cheese, on a baguette. Served with au jus for dipping and horseradish aioli. Choice of side.

  • $14.95

    Grilled Chicken Club Order

    Grilled chicken, ham, bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and pesto on a ciabatta bun. Choice of Side.